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BeFirst Media Group is the best way to connect with your audience on the Web. BeFirst Media Group is a powerful solution for splashing your brand across the Internet and guiding customers back to your site.Trying to maintain page-one search engine rankings using traditional marketing approaches is a losing battle. Constantly changing search engine algorithms create a moving target that can disrupt your online marketing efforts. Using tricks and shortcuts can get you blacklisted by the search engine community. There is a better, more natural way to get results. Captivate Your Web AudienceCompanies that can produce and strategically distribute the right content to the right places on the Web will captivate audiences. BeFirst Media Group helps you expand your online footprint and increase brand value through content generation and marketing. It is the most significant approach for driving qualified traffic to your website over time and for creating a sustainable presence on the Web. BeFirst Media Group helps you:

Build your Content Footprint

BeFirst Media Group helps you become more relevant and intriguing to your online audience. We can use existing content or produce new, custom content on a daily basis. Our editorial team delivers a wide variety of content types, including third-party reviews, case studies, videos, compelling product images, etc. We help you identify the types of content that are most appealing.

This step includes:

Content Auto Feed – Widget code is inserted into your site so that you automatically receive relevant, search engine optimized content.

Content Library – Our library provides access to fresh content posted to your website daily.

Distribute Your Content

We syndicate fresh content about you across more than 50 network news and affinity websites, creating trackable URLs for each article we post. Content is then pushed out to our extensive social network. As individuals re-tweet, re-publish and share your content, your “earned” media response grows and potential customers you would

likely never reach through in-house efforts find their way back to your site. Content is re-purposed and the cycle repeats, with at least one posting each business day.

Distribution includes:

Content Syndication – BeFirst Media Group has direct access to the administrative consoles of proprietary network sites where we post your content and backlinks as primary features.

Social Media Networks – We give you access to 1.6 million followers on Twitter and up to 10 million readers when LinkedIn and Facebook accounts are added.

Increased Website Traffic – Your content is exposed to potentially millions of readers driving more qualified traffic to your site

Conversions – Timely offers, including coupons and specials, create urgency that results in buying action

Search Engine Optimization– Network backlinks supercharge your search engine rankings and content relevance

Social Network Expansion – You capture earned media when readers of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks share your information with others

Optimize your online presence for a more “liquid and linked” worldDisperse your content systematically across multiple channels of conversationGain visibility on Google-approved news, industry and affinity websitesBeFirst Media Group works because it focuses on producing the information your audience wants to consume and making it highly liquid by distributing it to more places on the Web than you could cost-effectively reach on your own. No other online marketing approach can help you reach such a large and relevant number of people so quickly for brand awareness and sales growth.

How Does It Work?

BeFirst Media Group creates and delivers a steady stream of fresh, relevant content about you to prospective customers on the Web using an established network of news, industry and affinity sites and a proactive social media outreach. Our solution includes:

Build your content footprint – We develop editorial plans based on your customer needs, audience interests and marketing goals – the result is useful and remarkable content.

Distribute your content – We post and distribute your content across our proprietary network and social media framework to drive Web traffic, earned media and sales growth.

Measure Your Results

The BeFirst Media Group Reporting System provides you with real-time feedback on program success. During the first four months, our analysts examine your results to refine our approach. We monitor click-through rates and other statistics to identify the most popular pieces of

content. These results guide our team in producing future content that will improve readership. Our reports are a powerful analytical tool to help you better understand your target audience and focus on the types of content that get results.

Advantages of Being an Early Adopter

Regardless of your industry, there are a finite number of online customers with a finite amount of time. Our ability to increase your market share is greatly enhanced by

early involvement in the program. Visionaries and early adopters will capture a disproportionate share of Web traffic compared with those that join later on. Getting an earlier search engine “time stamp” gives you a distinct competitive edge. BeFirst Media Group clients that get on board early can receive up to eight times the online buyers of non-participants.

Get Started Today

BeFirst Media Group helps you do a better job of telling your story on the Web, including building new connections, capturing leads, sharing news, engaging market influencers and providing real-time monitoring of online activity for your brand.


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