DR Power’s leaf and lawn vacuum does three jobs in one

???????????????????????Leaf vacuums slurp up fallen leaves with ease, leaving a path of green in their trail. But what about those twigs and limbs? They too, need to be collected from the ground. The problem is that most leaf vacuums can’t handle both jobs. One solution is to walk the yard and collect fallen branches one by one. They can be raked but you still are faced with the pile and how to dispose of the branches.

The DR Power Leaf and Lawn Vacuum 13.74 Pro-XL can do both jobs with ease. Here’s how and why. This top-of-the-line model features a built-in chipper that turns branches up to 2 inches thick into woodchips. This chipping is done by a massive five-bladed, solid steel Shark-Teeth Impeller. All it takes is dropping the limbs into the receptacle mounted on the vacuum. As a branch runs through the chipper the wood chips are deposited into the collector, so there’s nothing to pick up and no more ugly brush piles.

You get a powerful leaf vacuum, too. The Pro-XL holds up to 306 gallons of material and all of it shredded to a fraction of the original volume. In practical terms that equates to fewer lawn bags needed to collect yard waste. Save time and money with the DR Power Pro-XL or other models in the leaf and lawn vacuum lineup. Check out the comprehensive buyer’s guide put out by DR Power Equipment to help make the best choice in choosing a lawn vacuum.