Explore “The Manhattan Puzzle”


Explore “The Manhattan Puzzle”

~ Book Review by Amy Lignor 

Laurence O’Bryan has done it again with this third puzzling thriller that readers will absolutely love. Isabel and Sean are married. Isabel is waiting for Sean to come home from the bank where he works in order to leave. They have a getaway The Manhattan Puzzle,  Laurence O’Bryan, Book Review by Amy Lignorplanned to romantic Paris, and have been looking forward to taking time away and spending it together. But when Sean doesn’t show up, Isabel begins to worry.


Deciding to search for him, Isabel leaves her son, Alek, with a friend to go to Manhattan where Sean works. Her husband’s job is being a consultant for a huge banking company, BXH. But recently a threat of a takeover by the Chinese has come to light. Sean has discovered a web of corruption, and by uncovering some facts he shouldn’t know, he has placed himself in danger. Kidnapped and framed as a prime suspect in a murder, Sean is in massive trouble, and it’s up to Isabel to locate him. Even though she is also in danger of disappearing, she finds herself in the vaults beneath the city looking to save her beloved.


Xena, a dominatrix; Lord Bidoner, a massively creepy guy; and, Henry, a man from MI5, are all characters in this tale that jump out at the reader as the action progresses and Isabel runs full-force into an adventure that can have tragic consequences for a great many people.


Although this tale can stand alone for the readers out there who have not yet dove head-first into these exciting books. The first two: “The Istanbul Puzzle” and “The Jerusalem Puzzle” are incredible reads that not only provide you with knowledge of Sean and Isabel, but show you the amazing puzzles that this team has already solved. This is most definitely a “must-read!”
Source:  Baret News Wire