Pee Dee’s Valentine Wish

by Denise Carey-Costa

Just before the 2016 Thanksgiving holidays, a small black and white female Pit Bull was abandoned in a hospital parking lot in Stockton, California. The poor dog was emaciated, and full of worms and fleas.

The dog was picked up and placed in a boarding facility where she sat for 3 weeks not knowing what her fate would be. Due to no interest from Northern California rescue organizations, the dog was going to be sent to a nearby animal shelter which may have resulted in her being put down due to the high intake of Pit Bulls. A Good Samaritan intervened and the dog was sent to Portland, Oregon into the care of Animal Coalition Unlimited. There the dog was given the name “Pee Dee” in memory of Petey the Pit Bull who lit up the screen alongside those famous “Little Rascals.”

When Pee Dee was taken to the Lake Grove Vet Clinic for her intake evaluation, it was discovered that she was five weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, this put Animal Coalition Unlimited into an unexpected situation. They were prepared to take in and care for one dog, not multiple puppies. However, they refused to abort the unborn puppies for their own convenience.

The first goal was to get Pee Dee healthy enough to give birth. She had been totally neglected and emaciated, weighing in at a mere 36 pounds. The veterinarian at Lake Grove Vet was extremely helpful and supportive in getting her the necessary nutrients to get her to a healthy weight to deliver her puppies. An ultrasound detected 7 puppies but on December 22, 2016 Pee Dee delivered 10 very healthy puppies.

Animal Coalition Unlimited founded by and run by volunteers in 2014 takes a very unique approach to animal rescue and adoptions. For one, they do not charge any adoption fees. However, they have certain stipulations for potential adopters under their Foster to Adopt Program. This method confirms the potential adopter can take care of the dogs and meet all of their future medical needs.

Basically, the new owner gets to foster their pet for a period of time before officially adopting them. This ensures it is a good fit for both the person and the pet. This is in the best interest of the dog because it gives the dog a better chance of being adopted by a good family without putting too much pressure on the adopters from the get go. They thoroughly interview and screen all applicants and follow this up with a home visit.

With this program, Animal Coalition Unlimited can monitor the ongoing progress of the dogs, for approximately a 6-month trial period. Their success rate with this program is very high.

Pee Dee’s puppies are the first in puppy adoptions for Animal Coalition Unlimited. They will start accepting applications after the puppies have had their first series of puppy vaccines at 8 weeks old. Although Animal Coalition Unlimited does not take any adoption fees for the puppies, the adopter will be required to deposit the spay/neuter surgery cost at the Lake Grove Vet Clinic prior to taking the puppies home when they reach 12 weeks old.

Since Animal Coalition Unlimited does not charge fees, they are seeking sponsorships from pet food manufacturers, vet clinics, and individual sponsors. Pee Dee’s story recently caught the attention of a leading pet food company in Canada, PetCurean who has taken on Pee Dee and her puppies as their featured pets. Due to the puppies getting the best nutrition possible they are healthy, playful and ready to become someone’s pet companion.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to express love and nothing is stronger than the love of a mother for her children. Pee Dee wants her puppies to be given the best care and go on to someone who can take her place caring for and loving them.

If you would like to give one of these puppies a new home for Valentine’s Day or you would like more information on becoming a sponsor, please send requests to:

If you cannot adopt but want to help this mama dog with her puppies, you can visit their wish list at:

About the Author

Denise Carey-Costa is a journalist, author, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She was recently awarded the Best Producer Award from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards for her latest film, Growing up with Hollywood (January, 2016). Her first film Tony’s Tale, Tragedy in Arizona (August 2014) was the winner of eight national film festival awards including several Audience Choice Awards. She has also written numerous children’s books promoting kindness and compassion for all creatures. Among her children’s books are A Tale of Three Tails, Edwin’s Flight, Lucky, and Angelina’s Angel. And her non-fiction piece Tony’s Tale Tragedy in Arizona. She lives in Orlando, Florida, where she works with local rescue shelters.