Sports Reporting: Where Did it Go?


Sports Reporting: Where Did it Go?

 ~ Amy Lignor

A very famous racing icon has announced that 2015 will be his last year in the world of NASCAR.


Serena Williams is going off the charts at the Australian Open, beating competitors left and right and screaming, at herself, when she doesn’t do something ‘to utter perfection’. Along with her mighty wins, comes the surprise defeat of another amazing individual, Roger Federer, who finds himself eliminated. A man who deserves, yet may never get back to, #1.
if-you-would-excuse-me-its-4-o-clock-which-means-its-time-for-bad-umpa-loompa-spankingsThere are sports going on everywhere. There are individuals who are sparking the imagination of children, speaking to their fans and, better yet, showing their fans true and utter power and talent on their chosen fields. Basketball has kings and losers; as well as yet another icon who may just see his whole magical career end on a rotator cuff injury. But…what do we talk about? Balls, apparently. And seeing as that I have already voiced-off regarding the Patriots – now is the time to extend the same kindness to the media and an individual Seahawk.


I am fan of neither team. I love football; it is my passion. However, my favorite is not at the big game this year, and as far as the teams playing I have no ‘one over the other’ wish. What I DO wish for, however, is that the media remembers that the only thing about football that football fans really want to hear about now is the Super Bowl. In other words, leave the balls at the door. We’re tired.


To end this ridiculous week, the Seahawk criminal should be given the same ‘time’ as Brady, the Patriot’s supposed criminal. Of course, these are two far different cases. Brady is being held over an open fire pit, being accused of doing something that according to Troy Aikman is far worse than taking performance-enhancing drugs. The media is desperately trying to knock Brady off his pedestal, forgetting completely that they were the ones who put him there.


But then we have Seattle. Marshawn Lynch has had his own ‘ball’ battle to deal with this week. Lynch is referred to by some in the media as being, “An incredibly real brother.” Others state that he is: “A player who should be highly respected because he cares deeply about his team and loves what he does.” Yet nowhere in these glowing reports come the words: Grow up!


The Lynch performance deserves an Oscar way before the Brady press conference does. From the man’s ridiculous actions on the field (by the way, Marshawn, that move is just wonderful for a stadium full of kids who idolize you, to watch); to the, “Thanks for Atskin” speech, is annoying. We are constantly reminded that Lynch came from the streets of Oakland, became educated, and is now a shining star. Yet, every time the mouth opens or the hand gesture is done, Lynch makes himself look very much uneducated.


If a player cannot speak to the media because of, say, anxiety issues – fine. Then get a doctor’s note and be excused. Although, why anyone wants to speak with this man to begin with, is a mystery.


Fined $20,000 for yet another of his own ‘ball’ tricks, a warning was also issued from the NFL stating they would fine the man $50,000 if he doesn’t speak to the media this Super Bowl event. Even if I dislike the attitude of the man, Lynch should be aware that all of these things take away from the fact that he can play the game. The negativity being issued from Lynch spreads to the fans. His brashness, his juvenile actions – none of this makes this man an individual, it makes him a punk.


Whether or not Tom Brady had a clandestine meeting about deflating footballs is not relevant to Lynch’s problems. In fact, most fans wish everyone would shut up about it and get on with the Super Bowl. But no matter who you are rooting for; no matter who you believe in Deflate Gate, or how you feel about Marshawn Lynch and his stupid way of showing his individualism – actual fans want to hear about sports.

There are sports out there to discuss. There are subjects fans of all sports want to hear about. Can we please talk about them now? I would even find it a gift to hear about a ping pong ball instead.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle