The New England Patriots: Singin’ in the Rain

The New England Patriots: Singin’ in the Rain

 ~ Amy Lignor

If you wish to see the red, white and blue honored in an amazing way, hopefully you tuned in to the AFC Championship Game. Players were over-emotional, to say the least. The “rocket’s red glare” DID shoot off and the sky was filled with more “American Love and Support” than anywhere else imaginable. Not to mention, the players on both sidelines shed tears – it was that exciting. The game, 0 (1)however, was absolutely one-sided.


We are talking about Gillette Stadium, of course. Foxborough, Massachusetts. This was the AFC Championship. Under a warmer-than-normal sky that decided to provide downpours, football fans tuned in to watch a team that seems to always be in the running for the Lombardi trophy. Although away for just a bit, they came back this year to prove to everyone that they are soooo not done when it comes to Super Bowl appearances (let alone wins).


It was not many months ago that Tom Brady, QB of the Patriots, was stated by experts as being too old for the game. He was on the ‘other side’ now; the waning QB years. However, when everything came down to it, the only QB that looked waning during this postseason was a man named Manning. Although, Rodgers of the Packers was made to look like an absolute fool this day, as well.


The New England Patriots were not exactly contenders when the season began. Losing their first two, Brady did look as if his passion for the game was long gone. What happened, exactly? Well…everyone was wrong. Brady had a vengeance in his eyes this year that began around Week 4. He ran with the ball; he came back from two TD deficit games; he swore like a sailor on shore leave on the sidelines (something all players do, by the way; he just happens to have the camera up his nose more than others.) Then…the proverbial ‘Gronk’ came back on the field, and the Gronk/Brady team was up and running once again, making all the other AFC teams really angry because they could not stop the best tight end in the biz from picking up yards. Let’s be honest, though – Gronk can pretty much carry most of a defense on his back into the end zone if he so wishes.


The NFC Championship came first and it was a nail biter (for Packers fans it was simply a ridiculously under-performed mess). The Seattle Seahawks reigned supreme after a very short overtime because the Packers and Rodgers, most especially, decided not to capitalize on all the mistakes Seattle made in the first-half. And, boy, were there tons. So everyone tuned in after this nail biter, shaking their heads and wondering what the heck they had just seen. Seattle has not gotten a great many fans across the land because of their silliness, Sherman’s yapping, and more. But they are on to Arizona where they will be desperate to win back to back Super Bowls in order to create a dynasty. Although the outstanding question will be…is Richard Sherman able to play?


In Massachusetts, no one cared. Perhaps Brady wanted to win his game and test himself against this supposedly ‘best defense ever’ in the Super Bowl next Sunday. But first…he had to get through a man with a whole lot of luck.


Andrew Luck came in with the Colts. Yes, the Colts have a long tendency to lose when put up against the Patriots. Not only lose, but lose historically big. Brady usually can wipe the Colts from Foxborough without breaking a sweat, but the Colts had just come from beating the football ‘god’ Peyton Manning, and even making him think twice about retiring into the football sunset.

Andrew Luck is good. But not that good. The beginning was enough to see exactly how the game was going to go. Colts, two and out. Brady in, and Patriots march down the field for a TD. The rest of the game was a brutal beating, putting Andrew Luck back into his place.


The path of experience trounced the path of luck. In essence, this was just a very wet and windy game of Tom Brady throwing TD’s to every man he had on the field. Of course, the most fun were the ones that a 6-foot 7-inch man with a huge, long reach, named Gronk caught. Brady officially passed on by Favre and Montana for most post-season TDs thrown by a QB when he connected with Gronk in the third quarter. It was Brady’s 49th TD, yet another that leads them directly to the 49th Super Bowl.


Yes, Seattle has passion. Yes, Seattle wants a dynasty. They’ve struggled, worked and come alive when needed. But what they will now have to do is meet up with the duo of BradGronk, and attempt to stay alive. Who will win? The best defense in the NFL who wants #2, or the QB who has officially returned and has fire in his eyes, racing to add that #4 ring to his collection?


We shall see…


For now, congrats to AFC Champions (yet again): The New England Patriots


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle