The Story of Irony: Welcome to Super Bowl 2015

The Story of Irony: Welcome to Super Bowl 2015

~ Amy Lignor

Perhaps it is ‘Sleepless’ there as well. All the world knows for sure is that the ‘earthquakes’ Seattle football fans have caused, and the humongous blips they put on the Geiger Counter last night as they screamed, partied, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt super-bowl-2015-show-2that their team had scored back to back Super Bowls…is over. But if you think that game was won by a single interception because the Seattle Seahawks decided to run a bad play…you weren’t paying attention to the irony. And being a fan of neither team, it is far easier to stand back and see this without emotion.


Without even talking about the performers or the actual songs here, when the Patriots ran out on the field last night to be introduced, they entered the stadium to a tune that was rockin’ and sockin’ – a tune that said in everyone’s minds “Stand Up! We’re Here!” On the other hand, when the Seahawks ran out on the field a moment later, the tune was desolate, somber…a lot like the horrific Super Bowl commercials that played this year. It was a tune that seemed to state “Oh, oh…something is going to go horribly wrong.” That was the first ironic moment, but there were far more to come.


Yes, Brady scored first. However, he also threw an interception first. Too bad for Seattle that his interception came at the beginning of the game and they produced nothing from it.


Deflated balls cannot be blamed. In fact, perhaps the constant yapping from the media; the constant calls of the Patriots being ‘bad guys’ from people like Troy Aikman and others, made the Patriots want to go forward and show you just how good they can be with any ball you happen to hand them. The situation most definitely upped Brady’s game. After all, the last thing he wanted to read for the rest of the non-football-playing year were headlines that talked about his constant ‘deflation’ from losing the Super Bowl. (None of us wanted to read that either. Why? Dumb subject).

In addition, because of that moronic turn, Kraft, the little, happy, white-haired elf who is the owner of the Patriots, got to stand on a podium and literally stare down Robert Goodell. He did. He never took his eyes off him as he sent a smirk to the Commissioner. Kraft wanted more than anything for his ‘pal’ to have to eat crow…and he did.


“The Butler Did It” is most definitely a headline that is running out there. Malcom Butler. Talk about a tale for any kid who wishes to grow up and become a hero on the football stage. A rookie. An undrafted player who sat in the shadows and no one knew his name. First, he had to watch a Seahawk catch a ball, on his back, even after he knocked it away. He was the ‘one’ who couldn’t…what? Hit it away far enough? Well, didn’t matter anyway. Because now Butler will be known as the kid who kept his own eye on the ball a few seconds later, and became the one responsible for Tom Brady jumping up and down so hard that he most likely will have a backache for a while to come. Without a doubt, people know the name Malcolm Butler now.


In the end, was the dumbest play the throw down the center? Well…think about the team. Believe it or not, Lynch has been given the ball in this exact situation five times this year, and the ‘beast’ only got one TD – the rest of the times he tried, he was stopped. So, guys…he ain’t perfect. BUT, having said that, the coach explanation was beyond stupid. “Well, we were going to throw it – waste a play – and then use 3rd and 4th to get into the end zone using Lynch.” There is no way to say anything about that. Waste a play? Waste seconds on the clock? The Seahawks looked confused. The Patriots coach, old Bill who never shows an emotion, decided NOT to use his time outs, making the confusion even worse. Apparently, Seattle cannot figure things out in record time, and old Pete was obviously so egotistical that he forgot his ONE-time Super Bowl winning team was playing up against a team that has won…what’s that? Oh, yeah, MORE.


The headlines all over the place this past week included constant ones regarding: “The Seahawks Talk About ‘Dynasty’.” Apparently, they were talking about that old 80’s TV show, because they certainly weren’t concentrating on football.


Marshawn Lynch didn’t want to speak. He didn’t. He did enough to not get fined. His ‘game’ of ‘I hate the NFL’ has become beyond old, whether or not the media wants to back him and say “Awww, leave the poor guy alone.” Well, Lord knows, the guy wants to speak now. In fact, if Seattle hears something howling in the middle of the night for the rest of time, they can pretty much bet on the fact that Lynch is finally talking. He won’t be silent. He’ll just be extremely mad that he didn’t get to be the MVP after all the work he did acting like a child all season long. (Ask any child…it’s a lot of work).


But the worst play and the worst moment for Seattle are two different things. Yes, there is frustration. Yes, they SHOULD have had that considering what had just happened with :20 seconds left on the clock. But jumping the line and starting a street fight? Seattle players running in, throwing a punch, and then running off the field? Come on! All that showed, guys, is that you are the punks people claim you are. Russell Wilson and others are out of this statement – they are good players that will make the Hall of Fame one day. The ones who decided to start the fight (speaking to you #51), only managed to add into the history books that they were sore losers and most definitely deserved to lose.


You can speak forever, and the media will in the upcoming days, about how the coaches of Seattle deserve the slap for this one. But when you look at all the irony (look real close now), the correct team raised the Lombardi trophy in the air last night.


Congratulations go out to the New England Patriots this morning. And Tom Brady…although you have been the gentleman, as always, there are millions who hope you enjoy that sweet revenge.

Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle