Two Champs Walking Two Very Different Paths


Two Champs Walking Two Very Different Paths

~ Amy Lignor


She’s Hot:


19th Grand Slam tournament win catapulting her above Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova with only one player left ahead of her, Steffi Graf, in the history books of Grand Slams wins. In other words, Serena Williams is back in full-force (not that she ever went anywhere, really), and made sure to let the world know that #1 was her number and she was not about to give it up to anyone else.


The Australian Open was interesting – there were highs and there were lows. There were big names who got beat early, and then there came the endings for both male and female with players that were not all that surprising to see make it to the end. But it must be stated, honestly, that every Serena_Williams_wins_Gold_croppedtime Serena Williams is on that court, the stands are absolutely filled. Whether these fans are ones who love Serena or are part of the faction that are wishing she would simply go away, either way the stands were full.


Serena screams. Serena yells. Serena hits so hard it sounds as if the actual tennis racquet is begging for mercy. Serena serves so hard and so masterfully that one of her aces aimed straight at any villain’s head would have erased them from the history books before they ever made it into one. Seriously, think about it. One serve from Serena that struck Hitler in the head and he would have fallen down stone cold dead. (No bad rhyme is meant there, it just happened that way).


In addition, her sister, Venus, did improve. She stayed in the competition longer than normal, although if she and her sister had gotten to face each other in the final, Venus would have been no challenge to Serena whatsoever. This is Serena’s sixth Australian Open win, as well as yet another win for “best dressed.” Come on, people! Even if you are part of the uppity, elite side of this sport – the colors she wears add some fun and spirit to a game that’s usually, no offense, boring as all get out.


Let us not forget to mention the fact that Serena won this title while being sick. Oh, yeah, she even had to leave the court to…I don’t want to know. But with pains in her gut and basically feeling like heck, Serena pulled it out, showing to viewers on screen that it wasn’t even difficult for her to do. I’m sure it was, but she makes it look like a breeze.


He’s Not:


He doesn’t have issues with his gut, but Tiger most definitely has issues with the pain in his back that still won’t let him bring out the “old” Tiger
Tiger_Woods_-_AT&T_National_tournament_2009that everyone seems to be waiting for to emerge back into the world of sports. In addition, Tiger’s swing just isn’t looking like the beloved champion’s swing. In fact, it looks as if Tiger is heading down the walk to retirement…or should be.


Opposite of Serena, Tiger has fans that are ALL positive and want him to do well on the green at all times. His audience claps and screams when he does a good thing, and become extremely quiet when he doesn’t. It’s almost awkward watching the bad on TV. It’s as if his fans just look down at what they’re reading, or stare at the sky as if searching for an invisible plane, wishing they could give some words of encouragement when Tiger has to ask them to move so he can reach the ball that has landed in the center of them all.


Tiger played at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. By the way, change that name immediately, because there are far too many jokes that come when a true star does badly there. Tiger showed his supreme skill? No. There were times when people clapped because it looked as if the old Tiger had come out to play. But soon, unfortunately, everything fell apart and Tiger ended up earning the worst score of his entire professional life. His #1 rating is now #56.


Then, more news, Tiger had to walk away and withdraw from the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines just last Thursday because of his back. The spasms began once again, to the point where Tiger could not bend over and pick up his tee.

Yes…sports stars come back from injury. In every sport there have been those who have come back from surgery and proved to be even better than before. There is a list of them. However, watching all this play out leads me to believe that Tiger Woods doesn’t look like he has much of a shot to join that list.


…Whereas, Serena Williams will continue to be at the top of hers.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle