With NFL "Gates" Taking Second-Stage Racing is Soiled


With NFL “Gates” Taking Second-Stage Racing is Soiled

 ~ Amy Lignor

Racing has had its troubles lately. But they most likely breathe sighs of relief that the NFL and all its “Gates” seem to grab the headlines so that the world of racing can be buried on the back page of newspapers everywhere. But now that the NFL is “deflated” until next season begins, the Kurt Busch situation has reached the headlines, with more and more sports fans who are not usually racing fans, taking a look.


For those who are unaware of Kurt Busch, this is a racer who has lost his final NASCAR appeal. On Saturday night the news came down that Busch would not get his indefinite suspension rescinded before the Daytona 500 began on Sunday.


He was actually suspended Friday upon the release of a detailed report made by a commissioner of a Kent County Family Court in Delaware. The Kurt_Busch_54_2012_Road_America_Sargento_200report offered his views on why Busch had “more likely than not” committed an act of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.


Busch never lost a beat; he’s been trying as fast as possible to stop this action. Losing his initial appeal to a NASCAR-appointed panel on Saturday afternoon, he then made an appeal Saturday night to Bryan Moss, NASCAR’s Final Appeals Officer, who then upheld the original suspension.


The law will go on, as Kurt Busch’s attorney said that they were unhappy with the latest decision to deny the re-appeal, and that they will continue on and try everything available in order to vindicate Busch.


INDYCAR had previously spoken to the fact that they take the subject of domestic violence “very seriously, and its rules provide the basis of authority to address personal conduct.” INDYCAR continued to monitor the situation, but ended up agreeing with the fact that domestic violence is not a topic they want associated with their sport.


On Friday, when the court looked over the protection order that had been granted to the ex-girlfriend on Monday, Chevrolet immediately suspended its relationship with Busch.


It is important to note that Busch has not been charged. The findings from the police investigation were turned over to the Delaware Attorney General’s office before Christmas, but the results have not been announced.


It is also important to note that this is the third suspension for Busch – known, oddly enough, as “The Outlaw” in the racing world. He has been in the news many times, and even an incident recently where “Ray Rice” graffiti (an NFL domestic violence headline case) was written on Busch’s garage window.


Other suspensions for Busch: In 2005, he was suspended by former team, Roush Racing, after being detained by Arizona sheriff’s deputies during a Phoenix International Raceway weekend. Then, in 2012, he was suspended after threatening a reporter at Dover.


Anger management classes surely seem to fit for Busch, seeing as that “The Outlaw” has also had strong and volatile moments during his career with everyone from fellow drivers to NASCAR racing officials to, of course, the press.


Perhaps Busch is still considered, as he once was, to be one of the most talented drivers in NASCAR. However, even with his Cup championship in 2004 and 25 career victories, with Chevrolet saying so long, and losing face with Roush and Team Penske, this “Outlaw” may just have to ride off into the sunset far sooner than he imagined when he first entered the sport.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle