Hard-to-Place Dogs Finding a Second Chance through Animal Coalition Unlimited

by Denise Carey-Costa

Statistics show there are 70 million unwanted animals in the U.S. Many of these animals will enter the shelter system and the majority of them will die simply because no one wants them or gives them a second chance. Each puppy born into the world wants nothing more than we as people want. These simple needs include shelter, a warm bed to sleep in and someone who loves and cares about them. But what about dogs that never find this? Dogs that spend their lives in and out of the shelter system, what kind of life do they have?

Animal Coalition Unlimited believes that every dog deserves a second chance at a good life. Bullet, a female Staffordshire Terrier mix was born on 12/22/2016 and has been with the Coalition since birth. Bullet’s original name was Lilly, but quickly changed to her current moniker when it was discovered how high energy and fast she was.

Despite being fast and energetic, and requiring a lot of exercise, Bullet is not a fence jumper nor is she a crazy barker. She loves people and will follow her humans like a little shadow. But Bullet, for all her love of humans, does not get along with puppies or other young dogs. She will test her boundaries with older dogs too. To date, she has only gotten along with one older dog because they themselves were good-natured.

The best environment for Bullet would be as the only dog in the house, no dogs or cats around. Sweet Bullet, for some reason also suffers from separation anxiety. You can’t leave her outside, even for just one minute, she will scratch the door, bark and howl.

She needs to relieve herself every three hours. This has led to accidents and messing up her crate or living area. There is nothing wrong with her medically; she simply cannot hold it. When she does go outside, she will do her business in less than five minutes. Bullet cannot be in a home where she is left alone for long hours.

Animal Coalition Unlimited is looking for a special person for this very special dog. If you think you can help this good girl be the best companion she should be, let the Coalition know. They work with a six-month foster to adopt option for their dogs.

Out of state adopters are welcome to apply as long as they are willing to go to Portland and meet Bullet in person. It is imperative that the Coalition see the interaction between her and her adopters.

If interested in meeting Bullet or have any questions about her, please email muttambassador@gmail.com.

Animal Coalition Unlimited has other homeless and hard to place dogs in their care. They could really use help for their ongoing care.

To donate any amount, use the following link:


Animal Coalition Unlimited also holds fundraiser events on their site. They have over 150 items available for sale on this page.

Thanks to Animal Coalition Unlimited, dogs like Bullet who have some behavioral issues and would most likely not have a chance in a county shelter, now have a chance to live a normal, loving home life.

*This story first appeared in Pet Rescue Report and is reposted here with the author’s permission.

About the Author

Denise Carey-Costa is a screenwriter, journalist, author, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her most recent work includes the role of screenwriter and associate producer for the Hallmark channel’s upcoming feature film Keeping Christmas (Christmas 2017). She was awarded the Best Producer Award from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards for her latest documentary Growing up with Hollywood (January 2016). Her first documentary film Tony’s TaleTragedy in Arizona (August 2014) was the winner of eight national film festival awards including several Audience Choice Awards. She has also written numerous children’s books promoting kindness and compassion for all creatures. Among her children’s books are: A Tale of Three TailsEdwin’s FlightLucky, and Angelina’s Angel, and her non-fiction piece, Tony’s Tale Tragedy in Arizona.  She lives in Orlando, Florida, where she works with local rescue shelters.

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